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Now Delivering on Friday: The Best Day for Delicious Deliveries

Harvesting Carrots

Want to know where your food comes from?
Let us help you.

What is Gathered Harvest?

Support Local Sustainable Farming

Gathered Harvest is a family owned and operated food delivery service. We partner with small, local farms to bring you the most delicious and nutritious produce each week. We take orders weekly and deliver straight to your door every Saturday. Our passion and goal is to help fix the broken food system that is rampant in our country. We are helping to do that by creating a bridge between people and their local farmers who are farming in sustainable, ethical, God-glorifying ways. If you want to know more about our story you can check that out in our About Us.  To see our offerings this week visit our Shop.

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

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Delivering to Clark County, Washington
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