The Best Marketing Is Word of Mouth

How wonderful to have locally raised meats and produce delivered right to my door! I feel good about my purchase supporting farms doing it right with loving care for their livestock and fresh healthy vegetables for my family. Gathered Harvest made that possible.

Katie H. (Vancouver, WA)

Gathered Harvest is such a great resource for obtaining quality produce, meats, and dairy! Great people to work with - delivery is awesome and always on time. They have gone above and beyond to deliver my order when my schedule made it impossible for me to be there. I appreciate the work they are doing to connect consumers directly with farmers.

Matthew F. (Woodland, WA)

I am so thankful for Leah and Gathered Harvest, not only has it been really convenient having our raw milk delivered it's also been such a delight to get to know Leah and her beautiful family. I look forward to seeing her each week and I'm thrilled that Gathered Harvest is supporting local farms.

We have been so blessed by Gathered Harvest! Their strong desire to connect people with local farms is evident in their timely service and the farms they choose to partner with. The sourdough bread is amazing and definitely worth trying!

Jennie S. (Woodland, WA)

Danielle S. (Washougal, WA)