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Our Origins

How It All Began

Many years ago we, like many of you probably, watched the documentary Food Inc. We could never look at our food the same. We didn't change our lifestyle right away but since then we have thought about every bite of food that has gone into our mouths. At one point, we even decided we would be vegan. If we couldn't know exactly where our food came from, especially our animal products, then we just wouldn't eat meat and dairy. The problem was that we love meat and dairy and we wanted it in our lives. 2020 arrives and a little quarantine-induced thinking produced an idea to help connect families to their local farmers through food delivery. We wanted God-glorifying, local sustainable food and we knew that other people wanted it as well. We are Peter and Leah Hatfield and this is Gathered Harvest.

Washougal Family Session--Hatfields-146.jpg

Our Farmers

Mountain Laurel Jerseys is a multi-generational family farm at the foot of Mt. Adams where they have been milking their cows since 1883. They produce Grass Fed, Raw Milk from happy Jersey cows. Check out their website here.

Reister Ranch is a third generation farm dating back to 1957. They practice humane animal husbandry and sustainable farming methods on their lamb farm in Washougal, Washington. You can meet Rachel at the Camas Farmer's Market or Vancouver Farmer's Market. Learn more about the farm and family here. 

Windy River Livestock is located in Washougal, Washington. This farm offers grass fed, natural beef available in individual cuts and 1/4 beef. Meet Will and Jocelyn at the Vancouver Farmer's Market or at the Camas Farmers Market. 

Good Wolf brews their water kefir out in Portland, OR. These small batch tonics are fully fermented and plant based; created to support your health. Water kefir is much like a kombucha, full of probiotics, but with a much smoother and enjoyable flavor. Learn more here

Shady Grove Organics is a certified organic family farm located in Camas, Washington. They grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs on their 3 acre farm. Meet Steve and Lindsay at the Camas Farmer's Market every Wednesday through the summer. Learn more about them and their farm here. 

Sithean Acres is a honey apiary located in Battle Ground, WA. They sell raw, unprocessed, and uncut honey specializing in wildflower and blackberry varieties. You can meet them at the Vancouver Farmer's Market. Check out their Facebook page to see what they're up to.

Crawford Farms is a one man show out in Amboy, WA. He sells free range duck and chicken eggs. Taste and see the difference free range makes!

Misty Frog Acres is a small family farm out in Battle Ground, WA. They raise all sorts of fun livestock like LaMancha milking goats and French Angora Rabbits but their pastured poultry is a specialty. Find them at the Vancouver Farmer's Market most weekends. Take a peek at their website to learn more.  

Sol Sourdough is run by a homeschooling momma in Camas, WA. She's passionate about good food and does amazing work with all things sourdough. 

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